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Group Fitness Directors are encouraged to contact Miranda Irving at (816) 436-5299 to inquire about adding U-Jam Fitness™ classes at their facilities. We're VERY EAGER to SHARE this program!

Miranda Irving started "stalking" U-Jam Fitness™ coordinatorInnocent

in July 2011 to be part of their team and

attended the first U-Jam Fitness™ instructor

training class → October 2011!

first U-Jam Instructor class.jpg


Max Garcia & Miranda Irving had been team instructors for over 7 years.

Max also saw the potential U-Jam™ had to offer 

& was flown to California shortly afterwards! 


The credit for the unique choreography & awesome music in U-Jam™ goes entirely to Susy C and husband Matt Marks of San Jose CA. To learn more about the founders of U-Jam Fitness™, you can visit www.ujamfitness.com!